A Guide to External Doors and Frames

A Guide to External Doors and Frames

There can be many reasons to replace your external door, whether you’re simply fancying a change, are in need of a replacement due to repair works or you’re just wanting something more modern, a new front door can give a new lease of life to your home. 

For the most part, External doors come in a few different materials: Oak, GRP, Hardwood or Hemlock. 

Oak External Doors

Our Oak external doors come unfinished as standard meaning you can customise them to your tastes, whether staining, oiling or painting.  

Hardwood External Doors

Hardwood external doors are a more budget friendly option than Oak external doors, and are available in a large variety of styles, from traditional Colonial panelled doors, to modern ladder panels or Victorian glazed. These doors are also 44mm and are often available in a large range of sizes:

1981 x 762mm 

1981 x 838mm

1981 x 915mm

2032 x 813mm

2057 x 838mm 

2083 x 864mm 

2135 x 915mm


Timber framed GRP External Doors, these are a great Pre-Finished option which is ready to hang. Available in white, black, grey or green these doors are a great alternative to UPVC doors and a great option if you’re looking to keep your existing timber frames. 


A budget friendly door option, our Hemlock doors come unglazed allowing for freedom of choice when it comes to your glass and are a great, lightweight option as they are available in french pairs or single leaf doors.

External Door Frames

If you’re looking for a door frame for your new external door, we have options across a number of finishes and functionalities. It can sometimes be confusing trying to work out which frame will best suit your project. If you’ve gone for an oak door, you may find an oak frame will give the best visual effect, whereas if you’re wanting to paint your frame a hardwood is a more budget friendly option. 

External Door Frames come in both universal sizing to cut down, such as the Oak Door Frame & Cill Whilst other frame kits come sized to suit standard doors and are often advertised by their external measurements such as the Hardwood DFC

2062 x 844 mm for 1981 x 762 mm

2062 x 920 mm for 1981 x 838 mm

2062 x 994 mm for 1981 x 914 mm

2094 x 895 mm for 2032 x 813 mm

2160 x 945 mm for 2083 x 864 mm

2220 x 994 mm for 2135 x 915 mm

2062 x 1225 mm for 1981 x 1066 mm

2062 x 1248 mm for 1981 x 1168 mm

2062 x 1302 mm for 1981 x 1219 mm

2062 x 1451 mm for 1981 x 1371 mm

2062 x 1606 mm for 1981 x 1524 mm

If you’re looking for a frame for more than just the door, or to add more glass outside of the door, you can look at using a Fanlight frame for glass above the door, or a universal vestibule to add side lights.

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